Henri Poincaré. Cédric Villani.

https://youtu.be/dpiNYrPasac ” Henri Poincaré, souvent considéré comme un des derniers savants universels, a eu une carrière scientifique très riche : mathématicien, physicien, philosophe. Il va apporter des contributions fondamentales aux grands édifices théoriques du 20ème siècle : la topologie algébrique, les systèmes dynamiques et la relativité.” Source > http://www.cnrs.fr ” Henri Poincaré, souvent considéré comme un […]

‘Culture’ is fuelled by forms of extravagance.

“We condemn extravagance that is wasteful or tasteless and yet we tour monuments of past extravagance, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing or the palace at Versailles, as highly admirable. The truth is that much of what we call ‘culture’ is fuelled by forms of extravagance.” (…)   Source > Aeon.com. – Atelier : Art […]

Why is living the simple life so hard ?

In pre-modern times, the discrepancy between what the philosophers advised and how people lived was not so great. Wealth provided security, but even for the rich wealth was flimsy protection against misfortunes such as war, famine, disease, injustice and the disfavour of tyrants. (…)  Read : Aeon.com /  Photo : Andreas Gursky. The Stoic philosopher Seneca, one of […]