Five Shades of Hornel. 1904.

Young girls in a landscape. The colours and shapes overwhelm the subject. The children and the swans, are perhaps a symbol about innocence. Five Shades of Hornel’s painting. Well Read Harvest Gold Red Devil Tan Zeus Edward Atkinson Hornel (1864–1933.) Scottish painter. Landscapes, flowers, and foliage, with children. Tate Gallery >  Autumnal. 1904 Les nuanciers de l’automne […]

Der Struwwelpeter. “Pierre l’Embroussaillé ou Crasse-Tignasse”

Der Struwwelpeter (Shockheaded Peter) is a German children’s book by Heinrich Hoffmann, first published in 1845. The English translation ominously describes it as “Pretty stories and funny pictures for little children”. L’auteur dresse une galerie de portraits de neuf enfants terribles, garçons et filles, qui font plein de bêtises et qui en subissent toutes les conséquences […]

Susan Walker Morse (The Muse) 1836–37

Samuel Morse The American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art  An ambitious farewell to his career as an artist. Stymied by a lack of financial success, he abandoned painting for science and inventing. The painting shows the daughter of Samuel Morse at about the age of seventeen, sitting with a sketchbook in her lap and […]