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‘Culture’ is fuelled by forms of extravagance.

“We condemn extravagance that is wasteful or tasteless and yet we tour monuments of past extravagance, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing or the palace at Versailles, as highly admirable. The truth is that much of what we call ‘culture’ is fuelled by forms of extravagance.” (…)   Source > Aeon.com. – Atelier : Art and ideas. – Painting > Interior with Two Girls by Peter Ilsted, 1904.

The good life is the simple life. On retrouve souvent ce thème en peinture,  ce désir de pureté retrouvé, cet idéal d’extase et de vie primitive. Dans ce désir utopique de vie “simple” on peut citer le cas de Gauguin qui part à Tahiti  en 1891, pour échapper à “cette lutte européenne après l’argent”, pour être “libre enfin”.


The Annunciation of the Virgin Deal. 2012.


Tim is relaxing with his family in the kitchen of his large, rural (second) home. His business partner (in yellow) has just told him that he is now an extremely wealthy man, as they have sold their software business to Richard Branson. On the table is a still life demonstrating the cultural bounty of his affluent lifestyle.

Grayson Perry.