Salon 1872 par Michelez.

Sélection des “petits maîtres.” 19th Century European @culture.gouv. “Les cuirassiers de 1870”, tableau par Alfred Quesnay de Beaurepaire, No 1285;  “Patrouille de Uhlans”, tableau par René Princeteau, No 1274, intitulé dans le catalogue  “L’amour de Dieu”, tableau par Alphonse Muraton, No 1158; “L’étude”, tableau par Marcellin Laporte, No 931, appartient à l’artiste;  “Idylle”, tableau […]

Why is living the simple life so hard ?

In pre-modern times, the discrepancy between what the philosophers advised and how people lived was not so great. Wealth provided security, but even for the rich wealth was flimsy protection against misfortunes such as war, famine, disease, injustice and the disfavour of tyrants. (…)  Read : /  Photo : Andreas Gursky. The Stoic philosopher Seneca, one of […]

French teenagers on a boat in the Seine river, 1988. David Alan Harvey.

Frenemies. When a friend breaks up with us, or disappears without explanation, it can be devastating. Even though the churning and pruning of social networks is common over time, we still somehow expect friendships to be forever. (…) Carlin Flora.